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Add Some Flair With Tassel Earrings

It’s obvious that at Neckology 101, we love our necklaces. It’s where we started and will always be a vital component of our business, but it does not stop there.

While necklaces play an important role in your wardrobe, we believe that earrings can make a statement all their own.

You can pair tassel earrings with a statement necklace or wear them alone. If you choose to pair them with a necklace, be sure that one does not overpower the other. If your necklace is meant to be the focal point, keep your earrings more low key and vice versa.

Make one the focal point and have the other complement- not take away from- it. This will keep your designs and colors from clashing and prevent anything from looking gaudy.

Wearing them alone is another great way to make your outfit shine. When worn alone, you can be even bolder with the colors and designs of your tassel earrings.

As you shop for earring for sale, look for a variety of options. They come in short and long lengths and in several different colors. Having several pairs on hand will help you keep every outfit you have looking fresh and crisp.

In our Neckology 101 store, we have a wide selection of tassel earrings for you to choose from. Take a look to find your next favorite pair. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for a great discount to help you look great for an even lower cost.

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