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Ethnic Jewelry

What is Ethnic Jewelry?

Ethnic jewelry is jewelry that is created by people that reflect their culture and traditions. They are often shown through the colors, materials used, and designs themselves. Ethnic jewelry is some of the most unique as it is representative of a certain people.

Though tribal jewelry is certainly not the only type of ethnic jewelry available, it is the most common. You have likely seen boho style jewelry, Zulu beads, and other styles that are created by Eastern and African cultures. Native American jewelry is often seen as well.

While this is not the extent of ethnic jewelry, these are the most commonly seen. It can come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There is a wide range of materials used, too, including wood, metals, pearls, rhinestones, marble, chains, turquoise, seashells, precious stones, and more.

Ethnic jewelry has made its way in and out of popularity for over two centuries, and always finds its way back into the spotlight. The expression and individuality put into each piece of ethnic jewelry are hard to beat, and it is certainly a beautiful addition to any outfit.

At Neckology 101, we love ethnic jewelry and know you will love it, too. We create jewelry inspired from looks and cultures around the world, including cluster necklaces, tassel necklaces and earrings, wooden necklaces, pearl chokers, and more.

We have your new look waiting for you. Check out our incredible ethnic jewelry store for your next wardrobe hit.

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