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Five Types of Necklines and The Different Types of Neckpiece That Goes Well With Them

When it comes to shopping for neckpieces; one of the things that neckpiece lovers look out for aside from the beauty of the piece they are buying for; is if this piece will pair well with a large percent of their clothes; tops and shirts especially.

The reason they have this thought at the back of their minds is because of the fact that not all neckpieces go well with clothes. And to avoid purchasing neckpieces that would ultimately become useless and unfit for their clothes; they make sure they shop for neckpieces according to the necklines of most of their tops and shirts.

It is a fact that so many neckpiece lovers are not aware of this logic yet; and half of the time they go ahead to shop for neckpieces, only to find out that these pieces don’t fit any or most of their clothes, which makes them either do away with the neckpieces, abandon the neckpieces or resell them to other people at very cheap prices.

Therefore, in order to avoid having to go through these situations, here is a guide on types of necklines for clothes and the neckpieces you can rock them with.

Turtle necks

Turtle - neck clothes are sometimes very complicated to accessorize as a result of the complication of the neckline itself; hence it is important that you don’t under accessorize or over accessorize your turtle neck neckline.

To better accessorize your turtle neck neckline better, invest in either mid-length neckpieces or a long neck chain with a pendant. The “Natalie” Brown and Tan Long Rubber Metal Accent Necklace or the “Reba” Cream Pearl Long Layered Necklace is a perfect pair.


When accessorizing an outfit with a sweetheart neckline, you have to focus more on a neckpiece that would accentuate your bare neck better, hence you have to go for pieces that wouldn’t fall on the neckline of your outfit, such as choker beads or a chain with a pendant that hangs midway between the neck region and the neckline of the outfit.


Just like the sweetheart neckline, the neckpieces that complement the strapless neckline are those ones that won’t steal all the attention from the bare neck, upper chest and shoulder region. Neckpieces such as a beaded choker or a long dropping neck chain.

Square necks

For square neck outfit, beads with angular and dropping pendants or a short choker bead will pair up just as nicely as possible.

Collar shirts/tops

This has always been one of the most complicated necklines to accessorize in the history of necklines. So many folks don’t bother wearing a neckpiece when they are rocking a collar outfit, because of the belief that the neckpiece will be well hidden by the collar; but that is only a fallacy.

How best to accessorize your collar outfit is dependent on how close or far apart the ends of the collars are; If the ends of the collars are close, a choker bead is preferable. But if both ends of the collar are far apart, you can rock a dropping chain or the “Zambia” Aqua-Color-Beaded-Copper-Bib-Style necklace.

white collared shirt-statement necklace-beautiful black woman-short hair
Blake Von D rocking a Statement Necklace and Collared Shirt

Having an understanding of the different necklines that are obtainable in tops, blouses, gowns and shirts, will help you know how to pair your neck accessories to the different types of clothes you have.


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