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Statement Necklaces

Tips for Choosing Statement Necklaces

The purpose of statement necklaces is right in the name: To help the wearer make a statement. They are typically large and bold, and very much out of the box, so to speak. That is not always the case, though. Statement necklaces are really any unique jewelry that is used as the key feature of your outfit.

Though the idea of statement necklaces is to make a statement, there are still a few tips and tricks to follow to make your statement a good one:

Consider the Venue

On your off day, you can be much freer when it comes to your wardrobe. In the office, it’s a bit of a different story. While the jewelry you wear to work does not have to be lame or tamed, some statement necklaces might be considered inappropriate.

Avoid wearing multi-colored necklaces to work, sticking instead to one or two colors. Keeping your clothing white or black with these necklaces also helps to not attract too much attention. Following these simple rules can show your individuality while still keeping a professional look.

Pay Attention to Your Other Jewelry

You do not have to stop with statement necklaces. Add bracelets and earrings as well. Beware of too many clashing colors, though, when wearing multiple pieces of jewelry. Having too many different colors in jewelry and in clothing can lead to a gaudy look- something we would all prefer to avoid.

Know the Available Lengths

Statement necklaces come in different sizes:

  • Chokers- Worn close to the throat and they come in different ranges of thickness.

  • Bibs- Those that lie on your chest and are the most commonly thought of statement necklaces.

  • Long Pendant- Goes past the chest and lies somewhere between the bust and the belly button.

Consider the Season

It’s not that you can’t wear dark colors and glitter in the summer or bright colors in the winter, but they are not quite as effective that way. Having the sun reflect off of your brightly colored jewelry during the summer months is beautiful. And wearing dark colors or sparkly necklaces in the wintertime can turn an outfit from glib to glam.

When looking for unique jewelry, statement necklaces are an excellent choice. Picking the perfect statement necklace for your outfit can make you feel great and stand out in a crowd.

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